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Our History - The Builder's Smile

Having had years of manufacturing experience in Ghana, we have adapted our products to suit the local market over the period we have been around, ensuring quality meets affordability. We have had several customers from around the West African Region so we know what it means to extend our service beyond to ensure your smile. Here we believe everyone should be able to have a feel of the aesthetic value brick creates, so whether for residential, corporate purpose or any other use, we have the expertise to meet you at your level.

Our Love for Brick - The Driving Force

Over the years we have shared this love with customers from different walks, from first time buyers to architects. This drives us to want to even go further to ensure the broader populate understand the benefits and joy of brick. For this we seek to improve always, to better the experience and ensure that whether it is just a small part of a project or the entire building, every and anyone can enjoy the experience of this historic product. Due to our unique history, our manufacturing process results in a product very specific to our brand. We are not just interested in selling our product, we are commited to ensuring you get full value out of your purchase and are right with you through the project. We also provide trained tilers to carry out the job if you so choose.

A Construction Wonder - GREAT VALUE

Brick has been around for many centuries. Known for its toughness, strength, beauty, durability and much more, its properties ensure it can endure almost any condition. Shecco products undergo a very rigorous process, right from when the raw clay is mined from the ground to when it is baked to temperatures of up to a 1000 degrees Celsius. So whether you seek to protect your building from weathering in coastal areas, to insulating the building from external conditions or to let your building standout, we provide all your building solutions. Head to our products page to find out which product best serves you.

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